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Loft Pilado

Loft Pillado was born from the idea of integrating spaciousness, modern finishes and high precision, all the while respecting the essence of a loft but also adding spaces where a family can have the privacy it needs while also being able to appreciate the triple height of the construction. KNOW MORE.

The Loft Pillado combines three architectural trends which are high-tech, brutalism and minimalism, but what makes it truly special is the innovative use of steel in more than 50% of its construction, in order to obtain a stronger, more precise and secure structure, better detailed finishes and optimized construction processes.


Project year



Río Verde, San Luis Potosí

Surface area:

Land: 200 m2

Construction: 330 m2

Director de arquitectura:

Jaasiel Guerrero Rodríguez

Project manager:

Jaasiel Guerrero Rodríguez



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  • Decor: furniture, lighting and textures

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