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Loft Gourlande

Loft Gourlande is the result of recreating Loft Corné but lengthwise, using a loft concept through double heights, spaciousness and incoming light through the façades.

Making use of its surroundings and vegetation, the house is based around a tree located within the land which helps make a great façade, creating the visual effect of a very large house. This loft also has a very special touch, which is that the top floor is suspended by a 4.5 ton steel beam allowing the bottom part to look cleaner in terms of the use of columns.


Project year:



Río Verde, San Luis Potosí

Surface area:

Land: 419 m2

Construction: 220 m2 

Lead architect:

Jaasiel Guerrero Rodríguez

Project manager

Jaasiel Guerrero Rodríguez


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