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Loft Castilla

Loft Castilla, originated from an incredible adaptation to an uneven terrain, creating a great internal façade which can be seen from the garden, allowing it to be a lengthwise development in order to make maximum use of the space.
Having used the concept of a loft, with double heights, steel beams, great lighting and the way the spaces were adapted to the land, the house was given more dynamics, and also more rhythm to the bas-relief in the façade.
The heart of the project is the tree at the very center of the property which rules and crowns the composition of the house, pool, garden and driveway.


Project year:



Río Verde, San Luis Potosí

Surface area:

Land: 420 m2

Construction: 265 m2

Lead architect:

Jaasiel Guerrero Rodríguez

Project manager:

Jaasiel Guerrero Rodríguez


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