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Loft Bramtome

Loft Bramtone derives from the idea in Loft Corné but with certain modifications that lead the project to be done lengthwise, recreating the double height, and allowing light to pass through large windows, making the construction site look larger than it actually is.

It has a white façade and a black façade, portraying a balance in what cleanliness means; luminous and neat, with what is darker and more enclosed, complemented by texture and vegetation.

This house inclines towards cubism, since everything is in straight lines: the house, the stairs, the textures, etc.


Project year:



Río Verde, San Luis Potosí

Surface area:

Land: 319 m2

Construction: 240 m2

Lead architect:

Jaasiel Guerrero Rodríguez

Project manager:

Jaasiel Guerrero Rodríguez



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